The current information media continues to experience very rapid development. Through the information media presented, the public or the public can find out information that is developing. A message can be conveyed well through information media if it is made on target and is useful for those who receive it. Information media are graphic, photographic, or electronic devices for capturing, processing, and rearranging visual information.
Currently, visual information media has also been widely used in the field of education, especially in high school. One of the information media that can be used is a school profile video to introduce the school to the public. School information that can be presented through profile videos is the vision and mission, facilities and infrastructure, teacher activities, student activities, and so on.
However, the problem that occurs today is that there are still many schools that do not have profile videos to be used as media for presenting information. In addition, video profiles can also be used for school accreditation to support educational facilities and infrastructure. The reasons why schools do not have profile videos include the lack of human resources who understand the use of information technology tools, especially video editing, the absence of school activity video files that will be used as profile videos, and not feeling the need for profile videos in promoting schools.

To overcome the problems that exist in the school, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia pays attention to the school through Community Service (PKM) activities carried out by lecturers and students. One of them is the PKM activity held at SMAN 1 Pagelaran. Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, Dr. H. Mahathir Muhammad, S.E., M.M. when met, said that the Technocrats would support PKM activities carried out by lecturers. One of the supports provided is by funding and facilitating lecturers’ PKM activities to be able to help schools solve existing problems.
The team of lecturers who carried out PKM at SMAN 1 Pagelaran were Neneng, M.Kom., Fera Lestari S.T., Rikendry, M.T., and Try Susanto, M.Cs. The activity carried out in this PKM is the development of a video profile of SMAN 1 Pagelaran. PKM activities begin with coordination of the concept of a video profile by making a storyboard, then proceed with taking photos and videos of the principal’s remarks, school facilities and infrastructure such as laboratories, libraries, and health rooms, activities carried out by teachers such as coordination meetings, class teaching, and counseling guidance, activities carried out by students such as sports, English extracurricular activities, art performances, and so on. In addition, videos of the school environment were also taken over the air using drones. After the video capture is completed, then proceed with video editing activities and evaluation of the results.
Previously, SMAN 1 Pagelaran did not yet have a school profile video so that information about the vision, mission, facilities and infrastructure, school activities, and so on was not widely known by the public, especially prospective students who would register. During the school accreditation visitation process, profile videos are often asked but cannot be presented.
Principal of SMAN 1 Pagelaran, Apriana Wiguna, M.Pd. when met, said that he was very happy and supported the PKM activities carried out at SMAN 1 Pagelaran. He thanked Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia in particular to the team of lecturers and students who carried out PKM. “With the video profile being developed, it will be used by schools as a promotional media to introduce the school to the public and also for the accreditation process,” he said.

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