Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia (UTI), ASEAN’s Best PTS, a university that has the slogan Green Campus the Champion continues to support its lecturers and students to always innovate.
One of the innovations made by the lecturer and students is the Web-Based Learning Application which has been applied to MAN 1 Pesawaran. This application is made based on the needs of the school to facilitate the teaching and learning process.
Before this application was implemented, MAN 1 Pesawaran used the WhatsApp application to facilitate the teaching and learning process when the COVID-19 pandemic hit Indonesia, especially the Pesawaran district.
The features in this Web-Based Learning Application are creating courses, uploading lecture materials, creating assignments, creating quizzes, discussion forums, attendance lists, and much more. With this application, teachers at MAN 1 Pesawaran can document every teaching and learning activity.
In addition to teachers, principals and students are also given the benefits of implementing this application. The principal can directly control the teaching and learning process. For example, the principal can see whether the teacher in a subject has provided material following the applicable curriculum and the principal can also see the activity of teachers and students through discussion forums.
Likewise, with MAN 1 Pesawaran students, they are given the convenience of accessing materials and assignments from MAN 1 Pesawaran teachers wherever they are and according to the scheduled time. This Web-Based Learning Application has obtained a Copyright from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.
The team of lecturers in making this application are Styawati, M.Cs., S.Samsugi, M.Eng., Ade Surahman, M.Kom., while the outstanding students who are members of this team are Ryan Puji Cahyono, Lili Andraini, Izudin Ismail, Nadiya Safitri is a student from the S1 Computer Engineering study program at the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, who is active in organizing and innovating.
Meanwhile, Vice-Rector of UTI, Dr. H. Mahathir Muhammad, SE, MM., expressed his appreciation for the application work of lecturers and students that have been made and applied at MAN 1 Pesawaran. In addition, Mr. Mahathir also hopes that lecturers and other students can build other useful applications/innovations in the fields of education and industry in this global era. (Teknokrat)

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